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Welcome to

Little Stars Montessori

Creating Confident Learners

Welcome to Little Stars Montessori

Little Stars Montessori is a child-led Montessori School in Markham ON, for children ages 2.5 - 5 yrs.  We embrace the interests of each child, and allow them to guide their learning. At Little Stars Montessori, we prioritize time spent in self-paced learning, and accommodating children at the level they are. We pride on creating an environment that evokes curiosity in each child to learn and discover more.

little star Montessori school

Our Approach

Our Montessori curriculum at Little Stars is thoughtfully designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging educational experience for your child. Grounded in the principles of Montessori education, our curriculum encompasses various areas of development, promoting intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth.


What Parents Think

We are extremely grateful for the care and education you provide for our child. Your nurturing and patience give us peace of mind, knowing that our child is in good hands at your daycare. The time our child spends with you is filled with fun and learning opportunities. We also appreciate the open and transparent communication you maintain with us throughout our child's growth. Your hard work and dedication truly touch our hearts. Thank you again for everything you do for our family!

Amy C

Empowering Through Choice
At Little Stars Montessori, we believe in giving children the power to make choices in their learning journey. Our classrooms are carefully designed to provide a wide range of age-appropriate activities and materials. From selecting their tasks for the day to choosing how they wish to complete them, children develop a sense of ownership over their education. This empowerment not only builds confidence but also fosters a deep sense of responsibility as they take charge of their learning path.

Progress at Their Own Pace
Every child is a unique individual with their own pace of development. Our experienced educators understand this and create an environment that accommodates these differences. Through keen observation, they identify each child's strengths and areas for growth, offering personalized guidance and support. This approach ensures that no child feels rushed or held back, allowing them to thrive academically and emotionally.

A World of Wonder Awaits
Our learning spaces are carefully designed to be inviting and stimulating. Natural light, soothing colors, and thoughtfully arranged materials create an atmosphere that encourages exploration and creativity. Children are surrounded by an array of hands-on learning tools that pique their curiosity and spark their imagination. In this vibrant environment, learning becomes an exciting adventure, and every corner is an opportunity for discovery.

A Holistic Montessori Experience
Our curriculum is a rich tapestry that encompasses all aspects of a child's development. We follow the Montessori philosophy, which values experiential learning and practical life skills. Academic subjects are interwoven with activities that promote social interaction, emotional intelligence, and physical well-being. Through this holistic approach, children not only excel academically but also develop into well-rounded individuals.

Cultivating Self-Sufficiency
Independence is a skill that serves children throughout their lives. At Little Stars Montessori, we emphasize practical life skills that help children become self-sufficient and capable individuals. From dressing themselves to preparing snacks, children learn to take care of their basic needs, boosting their confidence and sense of accomplishment.


Embracing Diversity, Fostering Inclusion
Our community is a vibrant mosaic of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. We celebrate this diversity and use it as a tool for learning and understanding. Our curriculum incorporates cultural awareness and encourages children to explore the world's many perspectives. This promotes empathy, tolerance, and a deep appreciation for the richness of human diversity.

Guides and Mentors
Our educators are more than just instructors; they are guides and mentors who are passionate about early childhood education. They understand that every child is unique and deserves individualized attention. With their experience and dedication, they create a warm, nurturing environment where children feel supported and encouraged to explore, ask questions, and express themselves.

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